Why Train With SWASA?

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Frequently Asked Questions


The maximum number of delegates per course is limited due to seating capacity and our pursuit of effective instruction by ensuring a good instructor to delegate ratio. You will find our Application form at the end of this document and is also available by request through email, fax or can be collected at our offices. All applications are to be completed and received by our office 10 working days before the commencement of each course.


Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their applications soon thereafter. Acceptance of the offer has to be acknowledged by the participant in writing and sent by email or fax to the office as soon as possible or 7 days before the start of the training for registration.


A cancellation fee of 50% of the course fee will be deducted to participants who cancel after confirmation and registration. NB. SWASA reserves the right to cancel any course, but undertake to inform participants promptly of such developments. The main reason for such cancellation or postponement would be insufficient number of participants. The minimum number of delegates per course shall be 10 and the maximum shall be 20 delegates.


Course fees are charged per person and are inclusive of meals and refreshments for the duration of the training. Fees are payable in full and in advance by cash or cheque deposit to the Swaziland Standards Authority account. (See bank details below) Proof of payment must be submitted to the course administrator 7 working days before classes commence.


Participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements. All courses offered are day courses.


On special written request, and if possible, SWASA shall provide in-house training for organizations. In house training will be presented to a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 20 participants. The organization shall be responsible for providing a suitable training room with audiovisual equipment as well as refreshments.


The mission of the Swaziland Standards Authority (SWASA) is to promote quality principles and facilitate the use of standards to reduce technical barriers to trade and investment, ensure a sustainable Swazi economy and safeguard the nation’s health, safety and environment. An essential component to fulfilling this mission can be traced directly to one of the Authority’s functions to “encourage or undertake educational work in connection with standardization and quality” as provided in its founding Act. Through its Training Unit, SWASA will be conducting courses during the 2017 calendar year as indicated in this training programme.

We undertake to provide quality training that is relevant to the needs of our society. This we will ensure by engaging well qualified and experienced instructors for each and every course we offer. As the National Standards Body we are proud to offer standards-based training that will help industry, commerce and the public sector to maximize their return on investment by understanding and implementing the Swaziland National Standards (SZNS).

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Standards Based Training Schedule 2017

Course Code Course Title Standard Code First Take Second Take Third Take Fourth Take
QMS02 Quality management systems SZNS ISO 9001: 2015 23-27 JAN 03-07 APR 24-28 JUL 30 OCT - 03 NOV
QMS03 Quality management systems (Auditing) ISO 19011: 2011 10-14 JUL 27 NOV - 01 DEC
WDMD1 Wellness and disease management systems SZNS SANS 16001: 2013 05-09 JUN 16-20 OCT
EMS01 Environmental management systems SZNS ISO 14001: 2015 13-17 MAR 05-09 JUN 02-06 OCT
OHS01 Occupational health and safety management systems SZNS ISO 45001: 2015 07-11 AUG 13-17 NOV
WDMD1 Wellness and disease management systems SZNS SANS 16001: 2013 05-09 JUN 16-20 OCT
OHS02 Occupational health and safety management systems, Risk Management Techniques ISO 31000: 2008 29 MAY - 02 JUN
OHS03 Occupational health and safety management systems, Incident Investigation International Best Practice 25-29 SEP
OHS04 Safety Reps International Best Practice 27-31 MAR 05-09 DEC
FS01 Food safety: HACCP SZNS SANS 10330: 2007 6-10 MAR 25-29 SEP
FS02 Food safety management systems SZNS ISO 22000: 2005 29 APR - 02 MAY 20-24 NOV
CTL01 General requirements for testing & calibration SZNS ISO 17025: 2005 06-10 FEB 09-13 OCT
GAP01 Global Gap - Integrated farm assurance IFA Standards ( version 5 ) 08-12 MAY 11-15 SEP